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New Ph.D: Acoustic Design with Regard to Human Perception

Friday the 13th of May Emma Arvidsson (EA) did her Ph.D. dissertation at Lund’s University (Sweden) under the title ‘Acoustic Design with Regard to Human Perception’. Ordinary Public Rooms From many years of research, we know that ordinary public rooms (classrooms and offices) where complex tasks such as learning or following long chains of thought […]

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International & American standards for indoor acoustic comfort

In many circumstances it may be desirable to refer to international or national standards to ensure that exact details of quality, methods, measures etc. is precisely corresponding to a predetermined set of rules and guidelines. There are several standards relating to room acoustics that anybody working in the building industry could utilize for better collaboration […]

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Diffusion or absorption?

The Subjective Experience Depending on Type of Acoustic Treatment Recently, PHD student Emma Arvidsson, published an article regarding different acoustic treatments in ordinary rooms and how they are perceived. The article concerns how people subjectively experience different acoustic environments and furthermore, if the experience was different depending on where in the room they were sitting. […]

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Input data – how do we predict room acoustics?

Calculation tools Recently a new acoustic calculation tool has been published. It is based on Air Flow Resistance (AFR) and calculates several room acoustic descriptors. This article aims to explain why calculations based on the Sabine equation are not always the whole truth. Background – Sabine and ISO 3382-1/2 A long tradition of research shows […]

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