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Do you know many open plan schools which really work acoustically? – School Case Study 3

Well, here’s a good example: An activity based acoustic design approach and living with an open plan school – School Case Study 3 This 3rd post in the series exploring – “How open should a learning space be?” Is a follow up to the 2nd post about the existing Dutch DeWerkplaats school building utilising sliding doors which […]

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Are restaurants and bars too loud in New York City? Landmark case study….

An evidence-based study to raise noise pollution awareness was presented last month at INTER-NOISE 2018 in Chicago by Gregory Scott, Founder of SoundPrint. This is, according to the Abstract: The first large-scale study conducted on sound levels, using the novel SoundPrint smartphone app, of more than 2250 venues in New York City shows that the average […]

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