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Report looking at the implications of open learning spaces, acoustics and teacher personality

Background to the report Despite resistance to open plan classrooms in many countries, the movement towards innovative learning environments continues in parts of Europe, especially Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand. Their definition (ILEs), is an ongoing discussion in itself and their success is dependent on many aspects. However, understanding the changes in pedagogic approaches, including […]

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Acoustics is part of the conversation – when transitioning to innovative learning environments

For the second year running the University of Melbourne and  the ILETC project organised a series of three Transitions18 research symposia around learning spaces in Melbourne, Phoenix co hosted by Steelcase and Copenhagen co hosted by Ecophon. Attending the Copenhagen event, there was a wealth of groundbreaking research studies and discussions about the transition of […]

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Do you know many open plan schools which really work acoustically? – School Case Study 3

Well, here’s a good example: An activity based acoustic design approach and living with an open plan school – School Case Study 3 This 3rd post in the series exploring – “How open should a learning space be?” Is a follow up to the 2nd post about the existing Dutch DeWerkplaats school building utilising sliding doors which […]

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