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Good acoustics and air quality combine to increase student concentration, well being and learning conditions

Good classroom design works as a 3rd Pedagogue! In a post-Covid world this applied study has become even more relevant to ensure sustainable teaching and learning environments. This research carried out by University of Bremen ISF – Institute for interdisciplinary School Research into the impact of improving ventilation was based on previous studies (Bremen III) […]

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Room acoustic descriptors – RT, C50 and Strength/ Gain

Reverberation (RT) time still remains the primary indicator of room acoustic response and RT is also known to be the only demand/descriptor in building regulations for room acoustics in healthcare facilities, schools and day care centres and offices. However, previous work and research for many years has shown that RT alone can be insufficient to […]

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Acoustics in schools a topic in Spain

A seminar focused on the benefits of good acoustics in schools was held in Madrid. It was called “Sound Education – Acoustic design in educational spaces” and was co-hosted by Ecophon and Iberacustica. The speakers were Ricardo Canto Leyton and Ignacio Ordóñez. Ricardo held two presentations, the first one explaining basic concepts of acoustics, and […]

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