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Telehealth on the rise – but are the rooms ready?

More consultations for citizens + 80 years From 2009 – 2014 (in Denmark), the only group of patients who consults a doctor more is the group of patients who are + 80 years old. All other age groups consult a doctor less. Citizens aged 80 or older represent 10% of all consultations – despite the […]

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Diffusion or absorption?

The Subjective Experience Depending on Type of Acoustic Treatment Recently, PHD student Emma Arvidsson, published an article regarding different acoustic treatments in ordinary rooms and how they are perceived. The article concerns how people subjectively experience different acoustic environments and furthermore, if the experience was different depending on where in the room they were sitting. […]

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Baltic-Nordic Acoustics Meeting 2021

The Nordic Acoustic Association and the Norwegian Acoustical Society invited scientists and engineers to attend the Baltic-Nordic Acoustic Meeting for 2021 this week and despite an online set-up the program consisted of keynote lectures, invited and contributed papers in structured parallel sessions. Some of the really interesting presentations are described here but you can find […]

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New research: Sleep in the ICU

Recover in noise A recent study published in Critical Care Explorations revealed potential relationship between acoustic interruptions and worsened perceived sleep quality. One of the results was that patients were exposed to 4,861 acoustic interruptions in total during the night! The conception that critically ill patients are too ill to reflect on their sound environment […]

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Tinnitus week!

This week is Tinnitus week! All over the world people suffer from Tinnitus and in this blog post we point attention to poor working environments in schools that lead to increased Tinnitus for teachers. In a recent blog post we focused on dentists’ working environment – and 42% of the participants in a survey experienced […]

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Effect of sound on nurses’ task performance

It is no secret that sound affects people in healthcare. Various studies over the years have shed light on how care and cure of patients get difficult if the sound environments are not supporting the activities. Patients suffer Patients are affected by sound levels in hospitals – and during the years the sound levels has […]

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Diversity at Internoise 2019 – Top 3 presentations

Half way through Internoise 2019 in Madrid one thing is clear: It is a buffet of knowledge! From sessions on ‘Architectural and building acoustics’ to ‘Environmental noise’ to ‘Noise and health’ (and everything in between). Internoise, Euronoise, ICA etc. are always the places to go if you need new inspiration and today especially three really […]

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Sound workspaces for emotional intelligent people

The speed of change in the workplace of today is enormous. Technology is the catalyzer. The shift on how global top companies are looking at the workforce is here. Artificial Intelligence have already taken over the work of intelligent people. The emotional intelligent is in pole position! Tasks as, gather & analyze the data, interpret […]

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Acoustics to support recovery in Satakunta Hospital

A hospital is a challenging environment in terms of acoustics. There is a constant flow of people moving around the spaces, the rooms themselves feature no shortage of hard surfaces, and a range of different equipment makes the spaces even noisier. The acoustics must also be capable of meeting high hygiene requirements. Read about this […]

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Sound and acoustics in healthcare – new podcast episode

Are healthcare providers providing the rooms we need to heal effectively? The impact of good acoustics on the success of healthcare is an increasingly hot topic, with a clear link increasingly seen between the provision of a calm, quiet acoustic environment and improved treatment outcomes. In the fourth episode of A Sound Effect on People, […]

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