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Irrelevant speech is a risk for your health

In offices, noise control should be a priority as unwanted sound causes stress. Continuously elevated stress levels are a health risk. Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Turku have conducted the first Finnish medical study on the physiological, psychological, and performance effects of irrelevant speech. Office noise consists primarily of this kind of […]

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Heart rate is a medically recognised stressor – Noise reduction gives teachers a significant long-term benefit

This is not new, however it is a fundamental aspect to consider when designing optimal sustainable indoor environments. By measuring/recording the heart rate of teachers, an indicator of stress was apparent in lessons and also over a longer more sustained period. Here is a short insight overview on stress as stated by ASA (American Heart […]

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Acoustic improvements lower teacher heart rate, voice levels and improve the general experience

Better acoustics in the classroom reduce the teacher’s heart rate, according to research by students at a leading technological institute in the Czech Republic. Negative stress leads to bad decisions and poorer performance. When we are under stress, our heart rate increases, which is a good measure of how stressed we are. Jana Dolejší, a […]

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Teachers overrepresented in the waiting rooms of voice clinics

Viveka Lyberg Åhlander a PhD in Medical Sciences/ Logopedics at EIAS2015   Vocal stress is an increasing issue in schools Viveka Lyberg Åhlander of Lund University is an expert in speech-language pathology and has worked a lot with people with voice problems. During her work, she noticed that quite a few of the people she helped were teachers. […]

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Study: less cognitive stress in open-plan offices with good acoustics

Saint- Gobain Ecophon and the Stress Research Institute in Stockholm conducted a unique study in a real-life office environment to examine how sound affects people in open plan offices. The aim was to see how the ceiling’s properties affect workers’ health, productivity and the perceived disturbance. And the result was clear – a better sound […]

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