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Noise pollution in hospitals deserves attention

We at Acoustic Bulletin are happy to welcome guest bloggers. This time we have had the opportunity to collaborate with a Dutch healthcare professional, Judith Veen, who is telling us about a lecture she recently held in a hospital. Judith is hearing impaired, runs the business Heart2Hear and knows how important sound and acoustics are: […]

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Tinnitus week!

This week is Tinnitus week! All over the world people suffer from Tinnitus and in this blog post we point attention to poor working environments in schools that lead to increased Tinnitus for teachers. In a recent blog post we focused on dentists’ working environment – and 42% of the participants in a survey experienced […]

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With summer festivals coming it’s time to look out or invest in earplugs!

A recent study of over 50 randomised people who either wore earplugs or did not at an outdoor music festival in Amsterdam give some interesting results. The average sound level was 100dB for over 4 hours and of those not wearing earplugs 42% suffered temporary hearing loss afterwards and of those who wore the earplugs […]

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