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Reverberation room vs Anechoic Chamber

Here is a short film where our editor Juan Negreira demonstrates some aspects around the acoustic free field, and the broad range of acoustic dynamics which can be found between two acoustic opposites. This is a chance to experience and share difference between being inside a room coated with highly absorptive material versus in a […]

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Celebrating the anniversary of EIAS2015!

A year has passed by since the Ecophon International Acousticians’ Seminar (EIAS) was held in Sweden last year. The conference offered a range of speakers from a multi-disciplinary background, who all had (at least) one big thing in common: an enthusiasm for improving architectural acoustics. “I had no expectations of what this would be like. I found […]

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Healing environments sound good too

Sound environments can greatly impact a patient’s hospital stay and often come up in patient evaluations. Here are two examples from the UK Patient Opinion website: “There were no doors only curtains, the lady next to me coughed all night and the two patients next to her were snoring. The nurse’s room was right next […]

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NEW! Revision of the German room acoustic standard 2016

Dr. Christian Nocke presenting an overview for the new DIN18041 German standard at EIAS2016 Incorporating the international human rights treaty The revision of the German room acoustic standard DIN18041:2016-03 was released in March. Therefor the old edition from 2004 was withdrawn.  One main reason for new and updated content was adapting the international human rights […]

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Impact of sound environment in healthcare settings

Watch Gunnar Öhlen, Chief Medical Officer at Karolinska University Hospital and Paul Barach, Guest professor at University of Oslo get together to discuss the effects of the sound environment in healthcare. Gunnar tells us about an overnight acoustic conditioning that was made in the trauma rooms. You can hear the difference in the video, as […]

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Elderly care acoustics makes the news in NL

Jikke was on the news here is the link. (Skip forward and watch the acoustic relevant film from 21.37 mins) The interview is in Dutch but below is a summary of the interview: ON the 22nd of April a news item about the importance of acoustics in elderly care was broadcasted on Dutch national television. […]

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Acoustics in TABS classrooms seminar films

Adrian James – Director AJA You can now watch the three filmed presentations on our Acoustic Bulletin YouTube, from the seminar held earlier this summer at the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre in London. Increasingly Green Buildings” utilising Thermally Active Building Systems (or TABS) have specific acoustic challenges with potential increased low frequency reverberance and overall sound […]

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