The impact of noise in education – a research summary

Research summary pdf
This new research summary is now available and lifts out evidence from a variety of research studies around the world. These studies address a broad range of important aspects which need to be considered in learning environments. It is based on a recent extensive literature review by Professor Emerita Bridget Shield made for Ecophon.

We know noise is an issue in schools…

But how noisy are classrooms?

Noise survey of 274 lessons in the UK

Teachers and students are affected negatively…

But how much are teachers and students and to what extent?
Well from a teachers’ perspective, a survey of 2000 teachers in Germany found that 80% of teachers stated they were stressed by noise.

A survey of 2000 teacher asked what stresses them most

How noisy are other spaces in schools?

What are the sound levels recorded in acoustic studies in school buildings?
Well, some spaces are not only noisier than classrooms but are even louder than typical playground noise:

  • Corridors and staircases
  • school halls & sports halls
  • canteens
    • Occupied average sound levels from studies in reality and the unoccupied recommendations
      Find out more about how this impacts the teachers, the students and their attainment and what is required to mitigate the negative noise issues in the research summary.

      Download the research summary pdf here.

      We believe these studies can help to engage a broader audience and raise awareness about the importance of good acoustics in educational environments. This in turn can support learning environments to improve student attainment and learning outcomes.


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