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TV commercials up to 20dB louder


„Commercials cannot be louder than foregoing programs and movies and its sound cannot be frightening” – it is main statement of new television and radio advertisement regulation in Poland.
This regulation was introduced by last revision committed by KRRiTV (national TV & radio market regulator) and it was done under viewers’ pressure. Their claims were officially supported by Polish ombudsman: “It seems, that sudden, irritating sound level jump caused by commercial breaks, establish viewers’ privacy violation. Mental balance (peace), disordered by noisy ads, belongs doubtless to the roll of personal rights protected by Civil Code”.
Advertisers try to catch our attention by all means and year by year, TV commercials became for us more and more irritating. Annual inquires show that in 1995 35% of polish viewers were changing channel or leaving seats during commercials. In 2005 such reaction was declared by 75% frustrated TV fans.

Research done last year by Jerzy Wiciak and Paweł Małecki from AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow proves that average TV commercial breaks sound level is much higher than all other emitted programs.
Researchers recorded many hours of TV programs, both public and commercial channels, finding out that advertisement fills 30% of total broadcasting time. Sound levels differences varied depending on program type. Commercials were 6,6 to 13,8 dB louder than foregoing movies but 10,7 to 20,0 dB louder than programs for children.
New regulation is not yet validated but KRRiTV already published tender for buying monitoring station that can be used to control and evidence relative loudness of TV and radio advertisements. Severe fines are provided too.
Have a look hereto read about same problem in US.

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