“Why architects need to use their ears” – TED talk

Julian Treasure’s latest TED talk “Why architects need to use their ears” published last night, challenges architects and all of us to design spaces for our ears. He focuses on acoustic issues in Schools and Hospitals, whilst challenging the world to think and introduce sound designers (acousticians as you are known) earlier in planning stages.

Julian highlights the importance of the “Sound Education” events – brought to you by Ecophon, which are engaging acousticians, governments, and teachers to debate acoustic issues and learning.

Sound%20Education%20Logo.jpgHe describes first of four international events in London as a major conference which has started the debate and discussions around how we should design sound for our ears in education.

Watch the presentations from the London seminar, Munchen seminar (presentations in German), Stockholm seminar (presentations in Swedish), or the Copenhagen seminar (presentations in Danish).

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