With summer festivals coming it’s time to look out or invest in earplugs!


A recent study of over 50 randomised people who either wore earplugs or did not at an outdoor music festival in Amsterdam give some interesting results. The average sound level was 100dB for over 4 hours and of those not wearing earplugs 42% suffered temporary hearing loss afterwards and of those who wore the earplugs only 8% suffered the same temporary hearing loss. In line with this only 8% wearing earplugs experienced tinnitus after in contrast to 40% experiencing tinnitus who did not wear the earplugs.

So the message is while you are enjoying loud music – take care to protect your long term hearing with earplugs, so you can enjoy live music and the silence in between, for many years to come!

click here for more on this study reported recently by hear-it.org

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