New world record for a reverberant space!

Photo: Allan Kilpatrick (RCAHMS)

Trevor Cox, Professor of Acoustic Engineering at Salford University in the UK, recently visited and enormous former oil storage tank in Ross Shire in the Highlands of Scotland, where he recorded an incredible broadband reverberation time of 75 seconds across all the frequencies. It was 30 seconds at mid frequencies and a staggering 112 seconds at the low frequency of 125 Hz.
Read the full article and listen to the incredible sound file reported by The Independent here.
Now certified by the Guinness World Records it will make a fantastic addition to the growing and fascinating Sonic Wonders which Acoustic Bulletin highlighted again last month. See and read more about Trevor’s Sonic Wonders here.

According to a BBC article guided tours are also available! As part of The International Year of Forests the Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) and Allan Kilpartick of the Royal Comission on Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) began to organise tours of the disued oil tanks which combined we able to store up to 32 million gallons of fuel in a total of six tanks. Read more from the BBC here.

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