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Our Visual Focus (part 3) – Deafly Designed

What do modern human societies sound like? Have we neglected the soundscapes of human society, and how may our cultural focus on our sense of sight have affected how we design buildings? The World Health Organization (WHO) categorizes noise as the most significant environmental health threat right after air pollution (1). This should also be […]

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How close are we to understanding how buildings affect our emotion?

Having met Isabella Bower while she was a research associate with the research team LEaRN we have been following her own research about how buildings affect our emotion. So we asked her to share insights from her research examining how design characteristics of buildings modulate neural networks involved in emotion regulation. Isabella’s work explores what […]

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Smart Workspace Design Summit highlights workplace design – including acoustics

Smart Workspace Design Summit took place in Amsterdam October 4-5 (2018) and participants from all walks of the workplace trade joined in as to share and acquire related knowledge. You may call this event an international knowledge hub for workplace design. Two days of content, five expert panel discussions and two workshops. The broad approach […]

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Interview with Alessandro Caruso

Alessandro Caruso is a UK-based architect committed to create healing environments for the healthcare industry. Alessandro Caruso’s interest in healthcare design stems from a very personal experience that gave him a mission: to improve the healthcare environment for patients. Many years ago, Alessandro had a serious motorcycle accident that left him confined to bed for […]

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