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Ventilation through acoustic ceilings – What is diffuse ceiling ventilation?

Designing a holistic indoor environment can be challenging. It will often entail several compromises between quality of different aspects of well-being. It is extremely rare that a solution comes along that both enhances indoor comfort, reduces complexity of design while also saving money and lowering emissions. It definitely is extremely rare, but it happens. Diffuse […]

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Counteracting post-pandemic literacy delays through better classroom acoustics

Effects of COVID-19 on children’s literacy levels worldwide After COVID-19 struck in January 2020, schools were some of the first institutions to close as wave upon wave of restrictions and lockdowns were applied globally. With such a sudden discontinuation of many children’s schooling, the effects of the pandemic on the learning and development have been […]

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Covid-19 facilities and acoustics

Test Centers in Denmark White tents show up around Denmark – and have been since March 2020. Covid-19 test centers and treatment facilities around the world have been part of our lives the last months and almost everywhere temporary healthcare facilities are needed. In some countries Covid-patients have to get treatment in alternative hospital units […]

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Good acoustics and air quality combine to increase student concentration, well being and learning conditions

Good classroom design works as a 3rd Pedagogue! In a post-Covid world this applied study has become even more relevant to ensure sustainable teaching and learning environments. This research carried out by University of Bremen ISF – Institute for interdisciplinary School Research into the impact of improving ventilation was based on previous studies (Bremen III) […]

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