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Psychoacoustics: Humans and sound environments

From thunderclaps to crying children: sound waves have a large variety of physical, physiological, and psychological effects on people. These effects, rather than the actual sound wave, affect acoustic comfort. In room-acoustic design, it is often not enough to measure how to achieve the best possible technical parameters. In addition to this, one should always […]

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Listening tests in room acoustics

Last June 24th, Daniel de la Prida defended his PhD thesis [1] at the Technical University of Madrid (Spain). His research focused on the assessment of the subjective perception both in architectural and environmental acoustics. In the following, a summary of Daniel de la Prida’s research (mostly focused on room acoustics) is given. All the […]

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Seeing sound: Psychoacoustics of work and play – Learning sessions in the time of Covid-19

The global Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly affected the way we live and work. Connection is both far more challenging due to social distancing measures, and also far easier because of the connectivity that is provided through the internet and digital platforms. Everywhere one looks, there is another previously face-to-face activity that has been moved online […]

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Report looking at the implications of open learning spaces, acoustics and teacher personality

Background to the report Despite resistance to open plan classrooms in many countries, the movement towards innovative learning environments continues in parts of Europe, especially Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand. Their definition (ILEs), is an ongoing discussion in itself and their success is dependent on many aspects. However, understanding the changes in pedagogic approaches, including […]

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The importance of acoustics in designing spaces for people with dementia

The sound environment of a building plays an important role for those with dementia. We have been working to understand the extent for some time with various different bodies, including commissioning a literature review with Salford University of existing research in this field to help assess the impact of noise on people with dementia. What […]

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Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe – “What is Indoor Environment Quality without acoustics?”

“Stepping beyond traditional boundaries, (re)creating healthy buildings”, was the slogan or motto of the recently organised Healthy Buildings 2015 Europe. http://hb2015-europe.org/ This conference was organized by ISIAQ.nl (http://www.isiaq.nl/v2/isiaq/) and the Eindhoven University of Technology (https://www.tue.nl/en/), under the auspices of ISIAQ International (http://www.isiaq.org/). Experts covered knowledge areas regarding Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ). More than 360 abstracts […]

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