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Soundscapes: A perceptual design tool on the rise

How we perceive the sounds around us is dependent upon their inherent acoustic characteristics but also their associated meanings, context and our experience. We individuals shape the frame of reference. Exposure to unwanted, negative sounds (noise!) impacts our quality of life. Until now, our primary goal in acoustics has been to solely reduce the negative […]

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Neurodiversity – should acousticians be paying attention to this topic?

  There is ever increasing acknowledgement of the need for diversity of thought within all spheres of society. When it comes to the workplace, understanding more about this topic and how people on the edges of the spectrum can be better supported within workplaces, will contribute to evolving organisations into more inclusive environments. “Neurodiversity” refers […]

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PhD, Finnur Pind – Wave Based Simulations & Virtual Acoustics

Finnur Pind defended his PhD at the Technical University of Denmark, the 31st of August, 2020. Finnur has contributed significant advancements in several interrelated fields such as wave based acoustic simulations and virtual acoustics through his research. The following is a superficial summary of Finnur’s research loosely based on, his published papers, his PhD defence, […]

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Noisy dental clinics! Interesting research presented at Internoise 2020

Internoise 2020 in Korea was held as an e-congress and the committee made it possible for all the attendees to access papers and pre-recorded presentations whenever they wanted to. An impressive platform with papers, presentations, chat rooms, videos, e-exhibition and sponsor’s opportunities was open for 2 weeks and a lot of excellent material was accessible. […]

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Internoise 2020: Binge watch paper presentations like Netflix!

”Good evening, good morning or good afternoon…” –  that was how Internoise 2020 was kicked off today Sunday the 23rd of August at 20.00 KST – live on youtube for the whole world to attend. For the first time ever Internoise is held as an e-congress and The Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering […]

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Heart rate is a medically recognised stressor – Noise reduction gives teachers a significant long-term benefit

This is not new, however it is a fundamental aspect to consider when designing optimal sustainable indoor environments. By measuring/recording the heart rate of teachers, an indicator of stress was apparent in lessons and also over a longer more sustained period. Here is a short insight overview on stress as stated by ASA (American Heart […]

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How close are we to understanding how buildings affect our emotion?

Having met Isabella Bower while she was a research associate with the research team LEaRN we have been following her own research about how buildings affect our emotion. So we asked her to share insights from her research examining how design characteristics of buildings modulate neural networks involved in emotion regulation. Isabella’s work explores what […]

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The impact of noise in education – a research summary

This new research summary is now available and lifts out evidence from a variety of research studies around the world. These studies address a broad range of important aspects which need to be considered in learning environments. It is based on a recent extensive literature review by Professor Emerita Bridget Shield made for Ecophon. We […]

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Is it really possible to predict the room acoustic values in a non-diffuse room?

We made acoustic measurements as part of a remodelling of our training area at our head offices during the different phases of the acoustic treatment in the refurbishment. This is outlined in a previous Acoustic Bulletin post which highlighted the need for wall absorbers to remove the flutter echos, thus reducing the reverberation time and […]

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Finnish study finds that the sound environment affects children’s listening skills

Noise and a poor sound environment can hinder linguistic development of nursery school children, says Doctor of Philosophy Elina Niemitalo-Haapola in her dissertation. According to the study, more attention should be paid to children’s sound and learning environments. While working as a speech therapist, Elina Niemitalo-Haapola went to kindergartens, schools and homes to find out […]

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