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Sound environment in the Intensive Care Unit

Noise – how it is experienced by staff We have building regulations for room acoustics in hospitals in Intensive Care Units (ICU). But are they enough to create a good environment for both staff and patients? Recently a new study from Copenhagen hospitals was finalized so let’s take a look at some of the findings. […]

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Modular operating rooms provide good acoustics for surgeons

Lego construction for operating rooms Modular operating rooms are being seen more and more on the market. It takes less time to get it up and running compared to a traditionally built hospital. It´s cost-effective, time-saving, and can be taken down and moved when it´s not needed anymore. However, it can negatively affect acoustics due […]

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Smart Workspace Design Summit highlights workplace design – including acoustics

Smart Workspace Design Summit took place in Amsterdam October 4-5 (2018) and participants from all walks of the workplace trade joined in as to share and acquire related knowledge. You may call this event an international knowledge hub for workplace design. Two days of content, five expert panel discussions and two workshops. The broad approach […]

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Impact of noise in healthcare

– reflections on sound and acoustics by hospital staff.   Children crying. Alarms beeping. Verbal communication. Footsteps. Healthcare facilities are often complex sound environments and the cognitive load on staff is getting more and more challenging.  Despite this, nurses and doctors rarely complain if the acoustics are not suitable for the activities – because their […]

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