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Acoustics for
Acoustic bulletin stream
How to transform unnecessary “waiting time” to valuable teaching time
Sundbyberg Study, Acoustic measurement reports + Publication
5 questions about tinnitus & what you can do
EIAS2015 will take place again in Båstad Sweden this October! 21 Aug
Health and Productivity in Sustainable Buildings Report launched
New Polish Acoustic Standard
New digital magazine about healthcare acoustics
Acoustic Design of Schools – performance standards (UK) New BB93
Impact of sound environment in healthcare settings
Sports lessons can have a big impact on our hearing! 26 Nov
Acoustics in schools a topic in Spain
More than 130 films on sound and acoustics as a resource for you!
Elderly care acoustics makes the news in NL
ECO for Sustainable Design – new Educational Environments online edition now available
Hospitals acoustics discussed at HOPE Congress
Brand New TEDx-Video about acoustics
Round Table: Future Office Workspace, HD Movies
Nursing insights and testimonials on healthcare environments
Acoustics in TABS classrooms seminar films
Fun Balloon Pops can make robust acoustic data easy to understand!
Groundbreaking series of four Sound Education international seminars now completed in 2012
Study App with soothing soundscape to assist students’ concentration
Launch of Essex Study Final Report
Acoustics in German semi-open (Witzenhausen) school
Copenhagen Municipality leads the way for the wellbeing of day care teachers
Yes – we can make hospitals “sound” better!
15% improved cognitive stress
The importance of acoustics in designing spaces for people with dementia
“I think that acoustics are a bit overrated!”
Why Vertical Acoustics Matter in Healthcare
The epic journey of activity based working
Hearing care can make 40 million Europeans become healthier and smarter 18 Feb
BBC discussed office noise and productivity
New revised Acoustics of Schools : a design guide in UK
Balancing ECOnomy, ECOlogy, ECOsystem – in ECO for Sustainable Design!
A sound environment for learning – is a must have!
Impact of noise in healthcare
The most promising conferences of 2016 15 Dec
New Bond movie is quieter than many school canteens
Happy holidays! Here are our top five Christmas sounds!
Designing for Special Educational Needs (SEN)
In Pursuit of Silence – Documentary Premiere at CPH:DOX
Over 30 presentation films from EIAS 2015 now online!
EU project aims to improve inclusion of hearing impaired children
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