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Acoustics for
Acoustic bulletin stream
How to transform unnecessary “waiting time” to valuable teaching time
Sundbyberg Study, Acoustic measurement reports + Publication
5 questions about tinnitus & what you can do
EIAS2015 will take place again in Båstad Sweden this October! 21 Aug
Health and Productivity in Sustainable Buildings Report launched
New Polish Acoustic Standard
New digital magazine about healthcare acoustics
Acoustic Design of Schools – performance standards (UK) New BB93
Impact of sound environment in healthcare settings
Sports lessons can have a big impact on our hearing! 26 Nov
Acoustics in schools a topic in Spain
More than 130 films on sound and acoustics as a resource for you!
Elderly care acoustics makes the news in NL
ECO for Sustainable Design – new Educational Environments online edition now available
Hospitals acoustics discussed at HOPE Congress
Brand New TEDx-Video about acoustics
Round Table: Future Office Workspace, HD Movies
Nursing insights and testimonials on healthcare environments
Acoustics in TABS classrooms seminar films
Fun Balloon Pops can make robust acoustic data easy to understand!
Study App with soothing soundscape to assist students’ concentration
Launch of Essex Study Final Report
Acoustics in German semi-open (Witzenhausen) school
Copenhagen Municipality leads the way for the wellbeing of day care teachers
Acoustic systems also impact indoor air quality
Healing environments sound good too 17 Oct
What sounds bother patients and healthcare staff the most?
The Sound of Music: calming or anxiety-building?
Internoise 2016 – Together, towards a quieter future 13 Sep
Acoustics will feature in a new groundbreaking research study!
The (VERY) high cost of noise
Teachers overrepresented in the waiting rooms of voice clinics 06 Sep
Internoise 2016 – Acoustic Bulletin’s got your back! 05 Sep
Internoise 2016 – do we have the right standards for elderly care?
Internoise 2016 – Interview with PhD Gerd Marbjerg from Denmark 26 Aug
Fight, flight, or safety? The impact of alarming sounds on healthcare professionals
Spreading the message about how to apply the new school acoustic standard 30 Jun
NEW! Revision of the German room acoustic standard 2016
BNAM 2016, Baltic-Nordic Acoustic Meeting in Stockholm 29 Jun
Applying low tech, logical thinking to improve indoor acoustic environments – TEDx Film 27 Jun
Engaging Poland in discussions around their new Acoustic Standard
With summer festivals coming it’s time to look out or invest in earplugs!
Body language and psychoacoustic @ EFMC 2016
Poor Sound Environment Causes Disturbance In An Intensive Care Unit
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