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Open learning landscapes – if the acoustics aren’t right, the whole educational concept fails

De Werkplaats in Bilthoven is one of the Netherlands’ first primary schools without any classrooms, where pupils and teachers work in an open learning environment. “The success of such a concept largely depends on good acoustics,” says architect Kees Willems of Teeuwisse & Willems architects. In one corner we see a group of children watching […]

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EIAS2015 special: Why use acoustic regulations, standards and guidelines?

When designing for good acoustics, how do you make sure you follow the rules and demands of a certain space? You will (at least) have to look at: The requirements = What you are trying to achieve acoustically. The legal standards, the building regulations and guidelines = The way this is going to be achieved. […]

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Celebrating the anniversary of EIAS2015!

A year has passed by since the Ecophon International Acousticians’ Seminar (EIAS) was held in Sweden last year. The conference offered a range of speakers from a multi-disciplinary background, who all had (at least) one big thing in common: an enthusiasm for improving architectural acoustics. “I had no expectations of what this would be like. I found […]

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Teachers overrepresented in the waiting rooms of voice clinics

Viveka Lyberg Åhlander a PhD in Medical Sciences/ Logopedics at EIAS2015   Vocal stress is an increasing issue in schools Viveka Lyberg Åhlander of Lund University is an expert in speech-language pathology and has worked a lot with people with voice problems. During her work, she noticed that quite a few of the people she helped were teachers. […]

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“I think that acoustics are a bit overrated!”

Safe and Sound Kirsten Van den Bosh spoke under the title ‘Safe and Sound’ at EIAS 2015 and even though she mentioned that it was nearly blasphemy to say “I think that acoustics are a bit overrated!” during an international acoustic conference, she might have a point. Kirsten’s research focuses on soundscapes in special needs care […]

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Designing for Special Educational Needs (SEN)

A 10 step guide by Adrian James, BB93 committee member The new BB93 Acoustic design of schools, sets out performance standards for schools in England and Wales. In this guest contribution post, Adrian James, a BB93 committee member, addresses the question many asked at the recent Acoustics and Noise Consultants conference in Birmingham, and which has caused […]

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Over 30 presentation films from EIAS 2015 now online!

Trevor Cox – Professor of Acoustics at Salford University Manchester, UK We now have over 30 films available to watch in short and full length versions. We hope you enjoy listening to the new knowledge , research and case studies which were presented earlier this month at EIAS 2015 in Sweden. To give you an […]

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EIAS2015 will take place again in Båstad Sweden this October!

This event on the 1st & 2nd October is the seventh occasion. This International Room Acoustics Seminar will focus on knowledge sharing for more sustainable environments. For more info about who the speakers are and the sessions taking place visit the homepage here. Registration is nearly full, however if you would like to attend the […]

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