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Laboratories: Open plan offices inside healthcare environments

Since March 2020, the coronavirus disease was formally characterized as a pandemic. Since that time, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a high demand for healthcare resources. Laboratory activities surged due to the rapid increase of testing. In hospitals or clinics, laboratories operate mainly in the domain of patient-related research and analyses. In private structures, […]

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Irrelevant speech is a risk for your health

In offices, noise control should be a priority as unwanted sound causes stress. Continuously elevated stress levels are a health risk. Turku University of Applied Sciences and University of Turku have conducted the first Finnish medical study on the physiological, psychological, and performance effects of irrelevant speech. Office noise consists primarily of this kind of […]

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Hospital Soundscapes and Ways to Heal Them

“The soundscape of the average modern hospital is a cacophony of overlapping beeps, blats and pings from monitors, roaring ventilation systems, raucous bursts of conversation from visitors, patients and the nursing station, carts rumbling down hallways, televisions, phones. Sleep, essential to the healing process, is available primarily through medications. Even medicated sleep can be elusive, […]

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Counteracting post-pandemic literacy delays through better classroom acoustics

Effects of COVID-19 on children’s literacy levels worldwide After COVID-19 struck in January 2020, schools were some of the first institutions to close as wave upon wave of restrictions and lockdowns were applied globally. With such a sudden discontinuation of many children’s schooling, the effects of the pandemic on the learning and development have been […]

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International Noise Awareness Day: Clever hospital designs prevent noise and calm down patients

A few years ago, at the Healthcare Estates Conference in Manchester, UK John Criddle from Evelina London Children’s Hospital and Martin Jones from Art in Site had a talk about how they designed the emergency dept. with the use of illustrative and digital arts to guide, reassure and role model behaviors. Their talk was called: Taking the ‘OUCH’ out of […]

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New research: Sleep in the ICU

Recover in noise A recent study published in Critical Care Explorations revealed potential relationship between acoustic interruptions and worsened perceived sleep quality. One of the results was that patients were exposed to 4,861 acoustic interruptions in total during the night! The conception that critically ill patients are too ill to reflect on their sound environment […]

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Searching for the best acoustic standard for healthcare.

When we are sick just opening the door to a hospital takes us out of our comfort zone. Our system is already stressed and our senses are therefore alert. We are more sensitive to sound and noise than normal – and in hospitals this can be a challenge. Sleep is essential. Patients are affected by […]

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Heart rate is a medically recognised stressor – Noise reduction gives teachers a significant long-term benefit

This is not new, however it is a fundamental aspect to consider when designing optimal sustainable indoor environments. By measuring/recording the heart rate of teachers, an indicator of stress was apparent in lessons and also over a longer more sustained period. Here is a short insight overview on stress as stated by ASA (American Heart […]

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Our Visual Focus (part 3) – Deafly Designed

What do modern human societies sound like? Have we neglected the soundscapes of human society, and how may our cultural focus on our sense of sight have affected how we design buildings? The World Health Organization (WHO) categorize noise as the most significant environmental health threat right after air pollution (1). This should also be […]

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Multipurpose spaces function much better for their activities after acoustic improvements

The Municipal Music School of Pinto, in Madrid was in need of improving the acoustics of its facilities in order to further motivate its students and offer teachers a healthier work environment. More specifically, a multipurpose room as well as the entrance hall were treated with “Class A” absorbing acoustic solutions acoustic solutions. The latter […]

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