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Counteracting post-pandemic literacy delays through better classroom acoustics

Effects of COVID-19 on children’s literacy levels worldwide After COVID-19 struck in January 2020, schools were some of the first institutions to close as wave upon wave of restrictions and lockdowns were applied globally. With such a sudden discontinuation of many children’s schooling, the effects of the pandemic on the learning and development have been […]

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Open-plan offices and viruses – What are the acoustic implications?

The nature of work has changed, and with it, the way we design offices. But how will this change the sound environment of future offices and what does it mean for the acoustic design of workplaces?   By far the space layout with the highest risk of infection in the modern office is the various […]

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Combination of Absorbers and Diffusers – An Experimental Study in a Classroom

This study provides information on how different acoustic treatments can be used to obtain different room acoustic qualities, and can be used to improve and fine-tune the room acoustic parameters for better speech and listening conditions in classrooms. The background overview The most common acoustical treatment in ordinary classrooms is a suspended sound absorbing ceiling. […]

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Multipurpose spaces function much better for their activities after acoustic improvements

The Municipal Music School of Pinto, in Madrid was in need of improving the acoustics of its facilities in order to further motivate its students and offer teachers a healthier work environment. More specifically, a multipurpose room as well as the entrance hall were treated with “Class A” absorbing acoustic solutions acoustic solutions. The latter […]

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The impact of noise in education – a research summary

This new research summary is now available and lifts out evidence from a variety of research studies around the world. These studies address a broad range of important aspects which need to be considered in learning environments. It is based on a recent extensive literature review by Professor Emerita Bridget Shield made for Ecophon. We […]

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Designing out “Chinook” flutter echoes in speech communication rooms

In September, it was a pleasure to present a work in progress “Optimising the acoustic design for a multi-purpose room used for speech communication activities” at ICA 2019 in Aachen. One of our inhouse head office rooms recently remodelled to accommodate a mixture of training functions. The sound environment for a room designed for speech […]

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Better speech communication and learning in the classroom

At this years Transitions18 Education research seminar in Copenhagen, Viveka Årlander Lyberg Associate Professor at Lund University, presented the latest developments around Suvi Karjulainen’s PhD “Better communication and learning in the classroom”. This unique and applied study around the quality of speech communication for teachers and students also links to the investigation of the classroom […]

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Short reverberation time in critical care is not enough.

Out of our comfort zone. When we are sick and feel bad – we seem to forget that just opening the door to a hospital makes us out of our comfort zone. Our system is already stressed and our senses therefor alert. We are more sensitive to sound and noise than normal – and in […]

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Free Field Conditions at Gentofte Hospital

Intervention study in an audiology department As part of the course ‘Architectural Acoustics’ at DTU – Technical University of Denmark, four students (Tobias Thydal, Vamsy Maddipati, Kat Herlo Benfelt Jensen and Christian Pedersen) chose to do an intervention study at the audiology department at Gentofte Hospital near Copenhagen in Denmark. The primary scope of the project […]

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New report finds that children with reading difficulties need to screened for hearing problems

A recent report by Coventry University has been highlighted by the Nuffield Foundation and links reading difficulties with hearing impairments. The Nuffield article writes: “The researchers believe that if there was more awareness of youngsters’ hearing problems – as well as an understanding of what particular aspects of literacy they struggled with – then the […]

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